Light Life ministry reports


My Dear Brother.Allan  Jeavons and Dear Sister Eileen Jeavons and all the Leadership and Families.

 Greetings to you all in His precious and loving name of Jesus Christ.

 How are you all in the Fellowship and your Ministry, Hoping the programmes went well that you had said? We are very constantly praying for God for all of you and your work of the Lord.

We are praying for Sister Jackie Parker and how is she now please? What are the things with her, of course? Her spouse was went way and now with Jesus. 

Preparing to speak in our Churches tomorrow in on Easter Sunday/ Resurrections day. 

Thanking you all for your prayers all that you do in India for the glory of God. Pray with us for  the Ministry ,the Orphan Children’s Home and also for the needs of Un-Sponsored Children under our care. All of they joined us in sending their warm love and praying daily for you all

Happy Easter 2017! 

 With much love and Prayers,

Yours together in His Great Commission,

Rev. KLPMoses

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