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                                                          In this directionless culture
                                          could a life as a Christian have some great purpose?

In this In this cynical culture, 
could being a Christian give me an outlet for my energy, 
my passion, my enthusiasm, my yearning to create a different world?

                         In this  spin-driven culture, is this Christian life really real?

In this high-tech culture, could knowing Jesus 
satisfy my yearning for awe, for some taste of the beyond, 
some fragrance of the transcendent? 

 In this abrasive society, could Christian communities be safe havens to bring my brokenness, my hurt and my loneliness

In this glitzy, powerful, in-your-face culture, could Christ give me the power to live differently?

Imagine a way of life that could offer all that.   (click for next page)

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