Grace Childrens home

By His Grace, through our ministry we are running a Children Home with 32 Children. They are fed, clothed, sheltered and educated. At the moment we have sponsors for only 10 Children. with 22 Children having no Sponsors. And these Children are praying in tears to God to give them Sponsors.


It is for your kind information and fervent prayers that we are facing many troubles for making provisions and things each month for these Children, due to lack of Sponsors for them /financial support. Please pray and support or sponsor a needy, destitute, and Homeless Child.

As you know these precious Children must be given food to eat, a

place to live, clothes to wear and education.


They need a Christian education with genuine opportunities to grow.

They need, above all, to hear the Good News of Jesus' Love and Salvation.

To Sponsor a Child it costs £20 or $40 US per child Per Month.

Please check out pictures from the Childrens home

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